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From the young couple trying to find a Deep Ellum dig to the family looking to spread out in Frisco, Dallas/Fort Worth real estate professionals are in high demand. At The CE Shop, we offer some of the most sophisticated, on-the-go education tools that make obtaining and maintaining your Texas real estate license as convenient and straightforward as possible — that way you can start helping your fellow Texans while building your name as Big D’s go-to real estate professional.

State-Approved Education

With industry-leading pass rates, our Texas state-approved courses are specially designed to help students fulfill the state’s legal requirements for licensure and pass the exam on the first try.

Fully Online Experience

Built for those on the go, or those who prefer to stay at home, our Texas real estate courses are entirely online and allow you to take coursework on a timeframe that works best for you.

Real World Applications

We’re not successful unless you are, both now and after you receive your license — that’s why our coursework uses real-world exercises to prepare you for the future.

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In 2019, a Record-Breaking 108,000 Homes
Were Sold in North Texas Alone

Now is the time to invest in your future. Join us, from Pre-Licensing to your CE,
to get the credentials and know-how you need to grow your career in real estate.


Divided into six 30-hour courses, our Texas Pre-Licensing packages aren’t just engineered to satisfy the state’s requirements — they have a &bnsp; student
satisfaction rate.

Exam Prep

Ace your exam the first time by using our intuitive online education tools to study, practice, and prepare.


You’ve worked hard to get here, keep going with the best education products available. Choose our 98-hour Texas SAE package to prepare you for your new career.

Continuing Education

Need to renew? Choose from a variety of 18-hour Texas Continuing Education packages, or build your own curriculum.


Stay On Trend With Us

Stay on top of all the latest real estate news, trends, and ideas with our specially curated content:

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Top Partners You'll Need

Partnerships are essential to an agent’s career advancement. Join up with these top partners for achieving your business goals.

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Agent Ethics

When it comes to your responsibility as an agent, ethics are everything. Read up on this highly important issue for you and your clients.

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Agent Essentials — The Pulse of Dallas/Fort Worth Real Estate

When students choose The CE Shop, it’s more than just online education. They join a community of educators and real estate professionals dedicated to helping them thrive. Stay up to date with what’s hot in the Big D with our Agent Essentials.

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