Nevada Continuing Education Course: Nevada Legal Updates - 2017 (Law & Legislation)

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Nevada CE:Nevada Legal Updates - 2017 (Law & Legislation)

Nevada Legal Updates - 2017 (Law & Legislation)

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Required hours
This course meets the law and legislation category.

Every two years, legislators in Nevada convene to approve, deny, and amend bills that impact real estate professionals.  The 2017 session, the 79th legislative session, covered a wide range of bills affecting many aspects of real estate.   

This three-hour course addresses key pieces of legislation from the 2017 Legislative Session, reviews topics such as disclosures and RESPA-TILA changes that impact real estate transactions, and meets Nevada’s mandatory requirement for CE on Law and Legislative topics.       

Course highlights include:

  • An analysis of legislative changes impacting CICs
  • Legislative changes related to foreclosure protection of military members’ homes
  • Issues related to property rights and land use
  • New regulations concerning transactions and fees
  • Links to House and Senate bills for further information as desired
  • A review of disclosure requirements and resources
  • A discussion on the RESPA-TILA requirements
  • Activities and examples to seal in the new information and frame it in everyday, practical context